Tourism Info

There are many beautiful historical, mythical and legendary spots within a short distance of The Nest Homestay.

Kuppalli (16 km)

Kuppalli or Kavishaila is the ancestral house of National poet Kuvempu. His house is now converted as a monument paying tribute to the great poet of Karnataka. Kavishaila is the hill top where Kuvempu  sat and relished the beauty of nature.

Sibbalugudde (14 km)

A fish sanctuary in Thirthahalli, Sibbalagudde is located 14 Kms from the city. This place is also known for Sidhi Vinayaka temple and a lot fishes that wait for the devotees and tourists. This is one of the enchanting places to visit in Thirthahalli.

Sringeri (55 km)

Sringeri is 55 km away from Thirthahalli. Sringeri is a picturesque town in the heart of the Malnad with rich vegetation and pleasant climate. Sringeri (also written as Shringeri) is a taluk and pilgrimage centre located in the banks of Holy River Tunga. Sringeri is the important religious center for Hindus. Sringeri is the first of the four mathas established by the renowned 8th century Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya.
Branch of adhichunchanagiri matt,nice place to visit

Horanadu ( 79 km)

“Sri kshetra Horanadu ” is situated on the banks of river Bhadra in a remote corner of chikamaglur dist., Karnataka, surrounded by the natural vegetation, forest, green lands, and natural beauty of the western Ghats. The great deity of adishakthyathmaka Sri Annapoorneshwari prathistapana was done by his holiness Agasthya Maharishi several centuries back.

Agumbe (30 km)

Agumbe, well known for the sunset in the Ghats in Karnataka has a rich natural beauty to ponder on. The ghat has hairpin curves and rich with flora and fauna. Travellers will be enthralled by visiting this beautiful tourist attraction in Karnataka. This place is only 34 Kms from Thirthahalli. Driving on a pleasant evening to this spot will be a nice experience.preferable time 6PM evening (APPROX)

Kundadri (25 km)

Kundadri, a mountain peak close to Thirthahalli is covered with dense forest in the Western Ghats in Karantaka, South India. This land is known for a 17th century Jain temple which is not much noted for its architecture. There are two small pond formed by the rock and ou can see lotus throught the year. It is a meserizing thing to notice this pond on the top of the hill.

Bheemanakatte Hanging Bridge (12 km )

This is a perfect place for nature lover, there is a hanging bridge to the river and a sand beach where you can spend an evening. The river bank is natural and clean with bright white sand where you can play and also get in to the water.

Ambuthirtha (19 km)

Ambuthirtha is the origin place of river Sharavati which moves towards north-west to form the famous Jog falls. This place is located 19 km from Thirthahalli.
Story behind the name Ambuthirtha is Lord Rama pierced the ground with his “AMBU” that is arrow to put down the thirst of his wife Sita. Pierced arrow lead to origin of Sharavati river which is established by Shiva Linga at the site.

Kavaledurga (20 km)

Kavaledurga is located 20 Kms from Thirthahalli and has a rich historical background. Kavaledurga has an ancient fort constructed by Shivappanayaka. Travellers can get panaromic view of Western Ghats from the hill top of Kavaledurga.

Kodachadri (60 km)

Kodachadri is one of the magnificent place for trekkers. It is quite popular for the rich flaura and fauna. Photographers can capture the beautiful landscapes and even wild animals in Kodachadri. Travelers can also reach the hill top by hiring local jeeps.

Kollur (75 km)

A pilgrimage centre famous for its Mookambika Temple. This is about 75 km away from Thirthahalli. It is the only temple that is dedicated to goddess Parvathi and believed to be created by Parashurama.

Siganduru (82 km )

The Sigandur Chowdeshwari Temple is a unique temple and the powerful Goddess is self manifest. Sigandur kshethra is near to Thumari, 82 KM from Thirthahalli. Mother choudeshwari is called as “Sigandureshwari”.

Jog Falls (115 km)

The world famous Jog falls is located 115 km from Thirthahalli. Sharavathi river contributes for the scenic beauty of nature which is truely world class. Water divides into four ways popularly called as Raja, Rani, Roarer, Rocket and falls down with enormous speed and sound which makes the viewer go speechless. Jog dives from 960 ft to form a lake below. Recently stairs are constructed by government which takes visitors down to the lake. Severe tiredness and thirst will occur inspite humidity but worth trekking till the end. Footsteps are slippery and wet all the time of the year. One more view point is British Banglow which is on the top of the Jog falls.

Lion & Tiger Safari (60 km)

It is located near Shimoga at Tyavarekoppa village and is also a home for leopards, tigers and other wildlife. at Lion-Tiger Safari, Shimoga

Elephant Camp (40 km)

As the name suggests this place is one of the training camps for Elephants in Karnataka. You can reach Elephant Camp from Thirthahalli by driving 40 Kms on the NH17. The Mahouts train the elephants in these training camps. You can also go on a elephant ride on the shores of the river.preferable time 10AM (APPROX)

Bird Sanctuary – Mandagadde (20 km)

This is one of the bird sanctuaries in Karnataka that receives variety of birds from across the globe during rainy season. These birds come every year and bird watchers find this place a relishing experience.

Humcha (30 km)

This place is situated 30 Kms from Thirthahalli. This place is popular for the Jain Mutt which was established centuries back by the monks belonging to the Nandi Sangha of Shri Kunda.